Emotional changes of pregnancy

Posted on 25 September 2017

Sometimes filled with joy, others overwhelmed by doubts and fears, sometimes euphoric, others sad without knowing why ... Thus, you live the nine months of gestation, in a slide of feelings, all normal. Allow them and enjoy your pregnancy. You cannot avoid it.

 A few days ago, you have confirmed the news that you hoped for and instead of the pink world with nanas playing in the background that you imagined you cannot stop feeling strange: sad at times to the changes that are coming, full of fears in case all anger well and a good mother... And is that few stages of life gather so many emotions superimposed. We must remember that pregnancy is a very important stage for women and should be considered at the social level as a period of protection since you need special care and attention.


In general, pregnancy is characterized by a great emotional lability, the pregnant woman lives daily events with great sensitivity and has extreme and changing moods. Do not be surprised if contemplating any scene will excite you like never before or if even the slightest carelessness of who surrounds you, it makes you mad. These variations are often associated with the effect hormones exert on women's bodies, but the truth is that not all are affected equally.

Pregnancy moments


Fear is one of the dominant emotions throughout the entire gestation. Try to be reasonable, enjoy the happiness that makes you notice their movement under your skin, the illusion of preparing your things, the expectations of your relatives excited about their arrival ... And keep in mind that an emphatic state altered, dominated because of the anguish, it can worsen typical symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Maternity Fashion


The best advice that can be given to a mother to confront the emotional changes of the gestation is to share them, to talk a lot about them. In this phase of putting in common of feelings, the best interlocutor is, without any doubt, the father.

Maternity Fashion


True that you had never dreamed so much as now? Dreams are in general a reflection of the unconscious concerns and desires. Hence, at the beginning of gestation, it is frequent to sound with a loss of the baby or with the medical tests. Already in the second trimester, you will usually play with the baby and see yourself taking care of him and enjoying family moments. In the final stretch, u will have dreams with childbirth.

Sleeping during pregnancy

In conclusion, enjoy this beautiful stage that life gave you, and don’t forget that we are here to dress you in these beautiful months 😊.

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