The beginning of life: Welcome Home Baby

Posted on 04 September 2017

Finally, the pregnancy test confirms the good news! You are pregnant!
Now you are preparing for the most exciting adventure of your lives! Starting with 40 weeks of pregnancy as an introduction and many, many years to continue writing adventures, this time to six hands: yours and your little one 😊


Genetics and similarities

At the time of conception, the 23 maternal chromosomes contained in the ovule and the 23 paternal that are housed in the sperm meet to form 46 pairs of chromosomes that define your child not only in their physical features but also in their character, Their temperament, predisposition to certain diseases, cultural concerns and even certain foods! This complex mechanism makes your baby unique and unrepeatable unless you have an identical twin. It is estimated that each couple could have up to 70 trillion different children but showed a mixture of features of both, the color of skin and hair, the Form of the face or eyes are their first inheritance. Which are those of one or the other will depend on whether they respond to recessive or dominant genes. For a recessive trait to be expressed it must have been inherited from both parents. This is the case with the blue color of the eyes, smooth hair, blond or red hair, or light skin. Thus, if you both have any of the physical traits described, it is more likely that your child will show them. On the other hand, freckles and moles, baldness, swirls, brown hair and curly or dark skin are dominant features, it is enough that one of the parents transmits it for the child to portray it on his face. That does not mean that brown parents cannot conceive blond and blue-eyed babies. To do this, both have to carry this recessive gene in their genetic code. That is if you have dark eyes but both have a father with them blue, the probability that your little one inherits them reaches 25%.

 The first signs
Although it will be the delay in menstruation that will give the alarm, your child begins to emit signs of his presence even before. These are some of the symptoms associated with the first days of gestation: Breast tenderness, feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, tiredness and drowsiness Increased urination, feeling disgusted at certain odors, digestive disorders, nausea, lack of appetite.
The first months the body is adapting to the new phase, so we suggest you wear comfortable clothes like our maternity blouse that can fit you since the first moments. 

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